Somalis for Accountable Government (SAG) has obtained this documentary video with incriminating evidence on the human rights violations and crimes against humanity committed by the newly appointed Somali Police Commissioner, Mr. Mohamed Hassan Ismail Farah and other high profile individuals.
This is an excerpt of a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation documentary aired on the 5TH Estate on October 7, 1992. The producer Julian Sher and correspondent Victor Malerek profiled three men who managed to slip into Canada as refugees but who had blood on their hands. We learn from this documentary that these 3 men were henchmen for Siad Barre and they committed unspoken cruelty to hundreds of innocent Somalis. Their actions affected the lives of countless people. Their refugee status were eventually ordered “removed” from Canada on grounds that they were war criminals and are subjects of Canada-wide warrant for arrest.


Source: Moment Yuulka


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