Somali President gives 3 million$ to warlord as a contract

Mogadishu (Sunatimes) The Somali president, Sheikh Sharif Sh Ahmed has given to Somali warlord named Ali Mahdi Mohamed a contract about three million US Dollar to rebuild the Digfer Hospital in Mogadishu.

This contract which Shiek SHarif has given to Ali Mahdi is one of the projects that Turkish government intended to build educational, business and medical centers in Somali country.

On the other hand, Mr Ali Mahdi and Somali president Mr. Sharif are from same sub clan (Harti Abgal) so all the 27 projects given to a people from the sub clan of Somali president accept one man who is from Murasade clan.

More dins occurred after Sharif Sh Ahmed had given all the projects to his sub clan as well as there is another project from the Iranian government which provided to businessmen from his clan.

The Somali president is not the first leader who feeds his clan and it’s unfair according to Somali society. Therefore, it can say the unfair and tribalism are the factors of Somali destruction.

By Hawo Abdulle


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