Petitioning the U.S. “To Stop Supporting Dictator and State-Terrorist Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia”

At unprecedented rates than ever in the history of the colonization and oppression of the Oromo people, an ethno-racist Tigrean-elite led Ethiopian state is cracking down on Oromos from all walks of life natzi-style, amassing them into military camps, prisons and torturing and killing them without traces every passing day. Human rights groups cannot even keep up with the enormity of the situation as millions of Oromo and the south are wasted away in the empire. In response to the Oromiawide gross human rights violations, the International Oromo Youth Association launched a creative We the People Petition, asking the United States government , “to stop supporting dictator and state-terrorist Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia” and all his natzi institutions of repression and control. 

5000 signatures are needed for the petition to be presented in front of the U.S. President Barrack Obama. So far nearly a little less than half of the required signatures have been collected. Please copy the URL below and paste it in your browser and sign this important petition now:

Now, I would like to raise some important concerns about why this nationally inclusive petition, which was supposed to rally everyone opposed to the Meles Zenawi regime is still low on the signatures. The provocation of course is that the Abyssinian (Amhara-Tigre) elites and their blind followers do not care to come on board on any initiative of alliance on issues started by Oromos no matter how universal they are. In fact, it seems that they rejoice when Oromos suffer in the Ethiopian gulags and hellholes. This rejoicing also raises another psychoanalytic question: Will the Amhara elites will treat Oromo worse than Tigreans if by some crazy blunder they rise to power again? 

The irony is that this very same Abyssinian opposition leaders and elites are interested in teaming up with Oromo political forces as junior partners in their own terms to ensure the unity and integrity of the Ethiopian empire. Oromo land and resources seem to be what are important to them, not the humanity and dignity of the Oromo people. It is shame that some Amhara-Tigire civil communities have not critically asked themselves why they fail to do the minimum human solidarity with Oromo in the face of a common killing and divisive machine, which is Zenawi and his apartheid system

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