ERITREA: Manipulation of the AU, IGAD and Security Council to Advance Ethiopia’s Agendas

On 23 December 2009, after the Security Council adopted Resolution 1907 (2009) that imposed sanctions on the State of Eritrea and its people, Susan E. Rice, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, insulting the intelligence of the Eritrean people and showing her contempt for Africans in general and Eritreans in particular, made the following comments to the press: 

“…I want to talk about the resolution we just adopted imposing sanctions on Eritrea. This was an African initiative. It was the consequence of a decision taken by the African Union… From the United States´ point of view, let me say that we have for many, many months sought a constructive dialogue with the government of Eritrea. We have sought to encourage quietly the government of Eritrea to take the steps that it claims it intends to take, but it will not take, and has not taken. And we still hope frankly that they will. We do not see this as the door closing on Eritrea, but on the contrary, we view this as another opportunity for Eritrea to play a more responsible and constructive role in the region. We did not come to this decision with any joy – or with anything other than a desire to support the stability of peace in the region…” 

Within a few days since the adoption of the illegal, unfair and unjust sanctions resolution 1907 (2009), it had become abundantly clear that it was NOT an “African Initiative”, that Africans had absolutely nothing to do with it. The 28-member Community of Sahel-Saharan States (CEN-SAD) issued a press release condemning the sanctions resolution against Eritrea. Despite its lengthy and righteous wording, Security Council Resolution 1907 reeked of deceit, deception and corruption. That was not all; that Susan E. Rice and Meles Zenawi, the leader of the minority regime in Ethiopia and its cadres had everything to do with it was certain from the get go. 

As for Eritrea, it remains the only country that is playing a “responsible and constructive role in the region”. If participating in the indiscriminate bombings of innocent civilians, the destruction of vital infrastructures such as schools, hospitals, markets etc. and committing international crimes against the Somali people is what it takes to be a card carrying member of the genocidaire club…Eritrea will gladly pass!

Full story: americanchronicle 


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