Iran’s web of secret wars

Iran’s geopolitical objectives go beyond the buildup of military power within its own borders. Iranian influence now stretches all the way to the horn of Africa. A web of self-sustaining secret wars has formed between Lebanon, Gaza, Somalia and Yemen with cooperation of Eritrea and Sudan. In Lebanon Iran has been fueling funds, weapons and training to Hezbollah, which in return delivers training to the Somali Al Shabaab and Houthi rebels in Yemen. The Somali conflict in return has delivered weapons, ammunition and even combatants to other conflicts through Iranian smuggle routes. Iran has also been smuggling weapons to Hamas in Gaza and the Sudanese government through Eritrea, the epicenter of Iran’s illegal smuggling activities. Iran is also believed to have constructed a naval base in Eritrea that supports these activities as well as military naval presence in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. Through this activity Iran is not only able to tie down western resources, it has also succeeded in gaining a stronger position over for example Saudi Arabia as the Islamic state supporter of these rebellions.

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