Men of Good Will

We’ve been dully optimistic in many times in the past when we heard a new government was formed in Somalia. Only to be disappointed later that it’s the same-old-same thoughtless crowd that leave their posts with a considerable failure. Albeit, the last government of Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed “Farmajo” was somewhat different –even in its short lived existence–from the ones that preceded it. It was mainly formed from our Compadres in the Diaspora (a little bias here), it was small, and many members had glowing qualifications and sincere desire to help the country.  Nevertheless it failed and any failure has great consequences on many levels!

Mr. Abdullahi’s failure has some lessons for the newly appointed Prime Minister, Dr. Abdiweli. who has impeccable qualifications in many aspects and let’s hope he has the cunningness and sheer fortitude needed in his new post. The failures he should confront point to five core issues, at least in my humble view. Surely, it’s easy to pinpoint failures from the arm chair position and in hindsight, but sometimes it helps to analyze issues from outside of the arena.

Thursday, July 14, 201

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