The Somali Awakening: Abolish the TFG & TFP

The demonstrations of the past few days in Mogadishu and different parts in the worldhave exposed the power and the will of the ordinary Somalis. In twenty years, it is the first time that genuine aspirationtowards peace has manifested itself in the people, freefrom methodological and false political pretenses. This phenomenon came into realization due to three spontaneous reasons; firstly, twenty years of affliction and carnage have finally reached its limit and so the time came where it became simply unbearable to remain quiet due to fear ; secondly, the Government of Prime Minister Farmajo has created hope for revival of an accountable government system; thirdly, the North Africa & Middle East uprisingsthat toppled the autocratic regimes have given confidence to the masses and encouraged them to confront their inept and corrupted leaders, like the two Shariifs.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was the news of the so called “Kampala Accord” that filtered to the mediathat theFarmajo government’s forceful resignationwas imminent, but the people had finally realized that the international community, AU, Mahiga, and the two Shariifs have conspired too long against the interest and wellbeing of their suffering nation. Consequently, widespreaddemonstrations broke out condemning the Kampala Accord and its stipulations and reiterating support for Farmajo to stay on and continue his leadership. The public has finallybecomeaware that for years their hopes and aspirations for peace and securitywere consistently being extinguished by deceitful foreign & national

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