The Kampala Accord: Is Sharif Hassan less Somali than Sharif Ahmed?

For the first time in the past two decades the Somali people marched in the streets of some districts of Mogadishu protesting, in the false assumption that they have a government, against what mistakenly appeared to them as a shadowy agreement signed by Somalia’s top politicians under the auspices of the international community (IC) that keeps them in office. The president and the speaker of a sovereign democratic state, of which Somalia can’t be classified as one, have no right to sign a document of that significance without the explicit approval of the parliament and the government but in trusteeship Somalia all disputes are, by and large, referred back to the (IC) and their judgment was always final without appeal and this case is no different as there are numerous similar precedents on record.

Sharif and Sharif

The endorsement and backing of the agreement in the case of  Kampala Accord rightly rests with President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda whose boys stand between the presidential palace and Al Shabab Al Mujahidin, Premier Zenawe of Ethiopia who has been running the country for the past two decades, and Amb. Mahiga who is an international diplomat tasked by the UN to oversee the Somalia project. To deny the IC that puts the unscrupulous so called Somali politicians in the presidential Palace, pays and protects them, to have the last say appears to be to many thinkers as midsummer dream.

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