The final showdown of the two Sheriffs of Mogadishu

by Muuse Yuusuf
Friday, May 27, 2011
The current political stalemate between President Sheikh Sherif and Sherif Hassan, speaker of the parliament, is a telling story that should not be left without assessing its negative impact on the country. The two men’s fallout has all the hallmarks of the notorious factionalism within Somalia’s political elite that seems to erupt at the eve of important political changes. One just needs to look back at the recent political history, which is full of fallouts from the armed rebels groups (SSDF, SNM, and USC) to the infamous warlords, Islamic courts to the subsequent transitional governments.  Throughout the recent history, it has always been the case that one particular leader or a figurehead of a faction decides to block or disrupt some major political events mainly for parochial personal interests from the late General Aideed and Ali Mahdi’s disagreement over power-sharing with its deadly conflict to political fighting between the Islamic Courts Union and Colonel Abdullahi Yusuf’s government which led to the Ethiopian occupation

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