Somalia:SSC Stands its Own Legs

Introduction: A Few years ago three
regions in Northwest Somalia called
Sool Sanaag and Cayn were silently at peace, far away from the world’s media and far distant from the international arena. Apart from its Dervish links in the Somali independence days in the 1960s, Sool Sanaag Cayn had neither abbreviation nor followers and most importantly the three regions lacked prominent leaders voicing for the people and the needs of the region at world
stages. Although people originating from these three regions were always closely linked through clan roots and inhabitant inter -marriages, there was always a missing link, a secret code, unattained ingredient, there was a need for a hero that hailed and united the three regions for their common good. As time passed, the South of Somalia has became a no go area after the Siyad Bare regime collapsed in 1991, while in Northern Somalia clans grouped to create autonomous sub-regions of Somalia along clan borders, while some clans attempted to take advantage of the lack of central government in Somalia and created a clan ruled ‘country’ stepping beyond their clan borders (e.g. Somaliland). As all this happened up and down Northern Somalia the Sool Sanaag and Cayn inhabitants stayed silently confused and sought to remain in peace.

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