Ambassador Mahiga doesn’t really want Peace in Somalia

Somali and Tanzania established diplomatic relations on 1962, but the diplomatic relations deteriorated in 1972 and since that time the situation remains the same. Mahiga was the man who told his friend John Malecela the Minister of Foreign affairs to destroy the two buildings of Somali Embassy in Daraslam, but Italian Ambassador to Tanzania warned and told them if they do so they will violate the diplomacy rules and the laws of International relations. He told them that Italy will stop the development project including the (Tanzanian Italian Petroleum Refinery Co. Ltd.) in Dar es Salaam which was built between 1964 and 1966 by Snam Progetti in collaboration with Saipem.

Its because of the fact that Italy colonized Somalia and enjoyed a strong relations with the Somali regime that Italy decided to react aggressively towards the Tanzanian project of demolishing the Somali embassy premises and level it to the ground, some Tanzanian officials even suggested to rise the Tanzanian flag on the top of the Somali embassy’s wreckage.


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