SOMALIA: A Lesson Not Learned

An article by Fareed Zakaria- “The failed state conundrum in the Washington Post made me ponder like no other article has done before. What dreadfully caught my attention was that Somalia ranks No. 1 for the third year according to Foreign Policy magazine, a magazine that publishes its annual Failed States Index. The article further depicted Somalia as, “has had no functioning government since 1992, longer than probably any other present-day state. This is a tragic situation, but U.S. policymakers seem convinced it’s also one that poses a grave danger to American national interests.”

A question of how we exactly got there can have many answers and different tales depending on which Somali you ask but what unequivocally remains the same is the underlying factor that what happened resulted to division, hate, tribalism, corruption, and atrocity. How it happened and a matter of separating facts from fiction would be for the historians to deliberate. My objective is to find out why these destructive actions have transpired to the Somalis in the Diaspora. These actions have begun to infest our political and religious views and beliefs here in the US specifically Minnesota where the largest number of Somalis in N. America reside. Just like the fore fathers of America separated politics from religion, our brothers and sisters have not embraced this thriving culture, instead we have the same disintegrating and outdated ideology of clanship that crippled our land and followed us to the US.



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