Tribal Homelands- lessons from the SSC Wars

SSC- Objectively Defined: A well armed and fierce political-military organization. Acronym: SSC; Sool, Sanaag and Cayn, two regions and one district considered alternatively within Somaliland/Somalia/Puntland state borders; but also tribal homeland for the members of SSC. Objectives: Liberation of the land of Dhulbante people from occupation by Isaak tribes by force; overcoming the neglect of Puntland State by creating an exclusively tribal homeland defended by an armed force independent from all other interests except that of the tribe. Founded: in Nairobi, Kenya in Oct


by a predominantly Diaspora based Somali intellectuals. Leadership of the organization: known as “Hogaanka Badbaadada iyo Midaynta – SSC.” Acronym: HBM-SSC; roughly translated as the council for unity and salvation. Funded and armed primarily by Diaspora based Somalis who believe in its cause and by those who have a vested

interest in seeing the fall and dismemberment of Somaliland. Leader: Saleebaan Ciise Ahmed (Xaglatoosiye) A Somali-American.  Deputy leader and Military Commander: Colonel Ali Hassan Sabarey a Somali Canadian.



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