Somaliland’s SSC Occupation is a Threat to Peace in the Horn



Born out of terror, the one-clan secessionist enclave calling itself “Somaliland” has espoused terror as a means to achieve its ends from the moment it declared its secession. A reconciliation conference held in Burco in May 1991 among Somalia’s northern clans, including those from Sool, Sanaag and Cayn (SSC) regions, was hijacked by armed extremists belonging to the secessionist clan’s Somali National Movement – a misnomer for a ruthless terrorist organization responsible for the collapse of the Somali State and much of the ensuing woes that befell the Somali people since then. Under duress, and as was dictated to them, the SSC delegates had little choice but to sign up to the secession declaration from Somalia. This treacherous background is the basis for this illegitimate “Somaliland” entity that remains to the present day a scourge on Somalia’s unity, peace and revival.




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