Unilateral TFP Extension is a Disservice to the Somali People


U.S. Embassy, Nairobi, Kenya

February 4, 2011

PRESS RELAESE| The decision by the Transitional Federal Parliament to ignore the African Union’s request for wide consultation and instead to unilaterally extend its term beyond the end of the transition period is a disservice to the people of Somalia and a setback to the establishment of legitimate and effective government.

The Parliament has failed to deliver on the crucial tasks required of them by the Djibouti Peace Process to help pull Somalia out of twenty years of conflict. This unilateral and unrepresentative extension is not in the interests of the Somali people. It serves only to further undermine the credibility of the Parliament and risks strengthening al-Shabaab. This self-serving political maneuvering calls into question the suitability of the senior leadership of the Parliament as viable partners for the Somali people and the International Community as we collectively work to bring peace, stability, and progress back to Somalia.

We believe that this ill-conceived decision should be reconsidered and urge the Transitional Federal Government and Parliament to enter immediately into serious discussions with its regional partners, United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary General, and its key supporters in the International Community on an acceptable way forward.



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