Somalia: the End of Government Nears

The transitional federal Government (TFG) of Somalia watches the clock ticking as its mandate expires this August in 2011. It is good news for any Somali person who wants to see something done as to the present situation of Somalia marred by two decades of civil war. The TFG headed by Mr. Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, since its formation in Djibouti, failed to win the hearts and minds of the Somali people by doing something politically tangible that can pull Somalia out of the black hole. Instead, it controls few streets in the capital Mogadishu under the protection of the 8,000 African peacekeepers from Uganda and Burundi known as AMISOM. The UN envoy for Somalia Augustine Mahiga recently said that all internal actors are saying that the TFG should end in August. The envoy also pointed out that a new body should replace the TFG before its mandate expires in August. The envoy also added that the TFG agreed that it would respect August end of mandate. International Contact Group for Somalia, which consists of United Sates, Norway, Italy, Sweden and Tanzania, will meet in next March to discuss the best way out as the end of the TFG nears.


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