40 Centuries & 20 Years of Inexorable, Infinite Punt – Somalia, East Africa´s Most Radiant Nation I

Exactly 20 years ago, all the Somalis woke up in an incredible nightmare applied to them by the criminal Freemasonic gangsters and their puppets, the statesmen of the New World Order. The great President Siad Barre left the presidential building at Mogadishu in the evening of January 26, 1991, trying to find elsewhere support to counter-attack the insurgents, recapture his capital, and reinstall the Somali public order that so much promoted all the Somalis and so much disturbed the racist and evil, colonial powers – all those who had for more than a century invented every possible devilish trickery to annihilate a 40-century old, great nation.

Siad Barre was not a military dictator as the criminally distortive, inhumanly vicious, utterly Freemasonic, disreputable pseudo-encyclopaedia Wikipedia shamelessly pretends in its malignantly composed entry (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siad_Barre). Siad Barre was a great man and a great president for all the Somalis – I repeat it: for all the Somalis –; as it is normal, he made serious mistakes, like every other great man and statesman.

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