Somalia: The Way Forward After August, 2011!

At the end of August, this year, the mandate of the Somali Transitional Federal Government (TFG) is to end. Some Somalis, both inside and outside of Somalia, are gearing up for pageantry and jockeying for the presidency position!

President Sharif & PM Farmajo

In the past, one could argue there were reasons to hold conferences to turn armed groups into politicians. From the early actors in clan-motivated wars, warlords,  to the now defunct Islamic Union Courts (ICU), these groups were willing—fully or in part—to come to a negotiating table to pursue a peaceful way out. Whether the result was successful or not is not as much my point here, as there were conditions which necessitated such trials at peace. In other words, all those past attempts to form a government in Somalia were to make peace among warring factions!

Somalia is in a different place now. For starters, the armed opposition group of Al-Shabaab is, as of now, absolute in its opposition to any kind of negations with the TFG.



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