Mogadishu in Tears

As we continue to honour the 50th anniversary of our country’s independence and national unity, our Capital City is literally in tears

Mogadishu, also known as Xamar – the quintessence of Somalia’s independence and national unity – is indeed in tears.  Abandoned by the very people it has nurtured, sheltered, educated, and protected, it cannot help but cry.  And as the deluge of tears continues to inundate the cheeks of this crying city, its old sons and daughters, who are lurking about elsewhere, continue with their indifference and obliviousness. Only a few have opted to return, and many others are either just too scared to run the risk or perhaps not yet ready to sacrifice their lives for a city they owe a lot to.

The recent return of some ex-Mogadisciani – for many after more than 25 years – to take up ministerial posts in the new cabinet of the Transitional Federal Government should have pleased the crying city.  Irrespective of whether they can rise to the country’s pressing challenges and deliver on their promises, the fact that they have opted to take risks and defy the menaces – similar to what their predecessors from the diaspora had previously done – will certainly be tantamount to another bold move. The question now is whether others in the diaspora would follow suit.







































































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