The Return of the Jackals to Mogadishu

By Ahmed Dhiif
Dec. 15, 2010

Mohamed Jama "FuruH" MP, Transitional Federal Parliament
Mohamed Jama Furuh, MP
It was reported yesterday that all Mogadishu port services were abruptly disrupted by heavily-armed maurading bands led by Mohamed Jama Furuh, a notorious warlord-turned-parliamentarian known for his ruthlessness during the Mogadishu civil war era whose fiefdom included that of the Mogadishu seaport. A weird sense of déjà vu? What does the latest Furuh’s move tell us.

Furuh explained his actions were to highlight rampant corruption and revenue embezzlement that exist in the port administration, accusing president sharif Ahmed of nepotism by placing his close relatives in the tax collection department to line their pockets.

One may wonder whether armed and illegal assault on revenue-generating public service agency is the proper channel to redress the wrong-doings of government bureaucracy. Is threatening customs staff with automatic weapns by a law-maker and his supporters justified? The truth must lie somewhere else.
Bizarre as it may sound, it was also reported that the AMISOM who were in charge of the port security did not intervene in the incident.


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