UN/AU Continues Somali Slaughter

For over a year now the United Nations/African Union troops in Mogadishu, so called “peacekeepers”, have been regularly firing mortars and artillery into Somali neighborhoods in retaliation for attacks by the Somali resistance.

“Peacekeepers” firing artillery into civilian neighborhoods? “Peacekeepers” killing untold thousands of innocent women and children whose only crime was being Somali and living within range of the UN/AU artillery?

You have to wonder, are these Peace Keepers or Peace Killers?

The Somali resistance, or what the western media prefers to call “Al Queda linked Al Shabab” regularly stages hit and run mortar attacks on the UN/AU “green zone”, the steadily shrinking area of Mogadishu still controlled by the over 6,000 AU troops,mainly from Uganda and Burundi. Occasionally manned bomb attacks successfully penetrate the defenses surrounding the UN/AU Green Zone and do some serious damage.




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