An al Shabaab government could bring Somalia back to fold of world nations

Somalia has, over the past two decades, deteriorated into one of the world’s worst security and humanitarian challenges. Characterised by insidious conflict, political fragmentation, and an informal economy, Somalia represents the archetypal failed state.

Unfortunately, the international community, Kenya included, have in their policy strategies focused on Somalia mainly in terms of threats to their own security instead of acting decisively and in a non-partisan manner to help establish a government that is acceptable to most Somalis.

The upshot is that more often than not, viable “Somali solutions” to the Somali problem have been ignored or overlooked. It is no wonder that the international community’s primary preoccupation with ideology and symptoms, including the war against terror and the piracy scourge, which though critical to international security, has removed the needs and aspirations of Somalis from the agenda.



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