» Sale of PETRONAS assets to South West Energy

Sale of PETRONAS assets to South West EnergyThe Ogaden national Liberation Front sees the so-called sale of “PETRONAS” concessions in the Ogaden to South West Energy (a Tigray TPLF owned enterprise) as a face-saving measure intended to hide Ethiopia’s incapacity to resolve the conflict in the Ogaden in a just way, peacefully through a negotiated settlement.First, this act is a continuation of the previous practices of concessions granted to oil companies while systematically subjecting the ogaden people to deprivation and inhuman crimes in order to force them to forgo any rights to their land and resources. However, the difference now is that multinationals from abroad had seen through Ethiopia false claims of controlling the Ogaden and had opted out of the Ogaden. Therefore, the regime had been forced to hide behind its own company in order to cover up its inability to guarantee to companies access to what it does not own or control. Ethiopia’s plan was to resort to scorched earth policy and mass transgression of the Human Rights of the Ogaden people, in order to loot and usurp the Ogaden Somali people of their land and natural resources.Ethiopia sliced the whole Somali territory into 21 blocks and auctioned it without regard to the wishes and wellbeing of Ogaden people or the precarious ecology of the land. No other part of the so-called Ethiopia was subjected to such an inhuman and avaricious practice. » Sale of PETRONAS assets to South West Energy

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