For the Truth for IsraelFor the Truth for IsraelDear friends,as you know, we are preparing a demostration at European level for this Thursday, the 7th of October, under the title “For the truth, for Israel”. I’m sending you now some information about our work in case you are around and you want to partecipate, and also to let you know that working for the truth about Israel is possible.A very small wonderful group of politicians, intellectuals, journalists, youngsters, have helped day after day to mobilize forces, fund-raising, printing and spreading leaflets and materials, calling to MPs and VIPs in Europe and of course mostly in Italy. Beyond the continuous presence of Sharon in my office and mine in the Parliament, we have an entire little group of press officers and Pr volunteering. The people that have worked with me have done it for free, out of love for Israel, and now we are anxiously fixing the last details, recall, translations etc.A wonderful daily newspaper, Il Foglio, has collected with our help a series of article about the delegitimization of Israel and is printing them day after day with the logo and the date of our demonstration. We are surprised of the simpathy and the attention we collected in these days by MPs, Ministers, writers, journalists, citizens. The collection of names of people that want speak at what we called a “Rhetorical Marathon” – which means a series of 5 minutes speeches – is so long that we worry about the real possibility of giving the floor to everybody.You will find hereby the invitation and the first article that has been printed on “Il Foglio” on the issue.Hoping and working for the best, we promise to keep you updated. And if by chance you are in Rome on Thursday, come with us to say “enough of the double standard, enough of the delegitimization of Israel!”.


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