Ana Gomes appeals to South Africa for the release of Birtukan Mideksa

Birtukan for Sakharov PrizeBRUSSELS (Ethiomedia) – Ana Gomes, member of the European Parliament, on Wednesday made an impassioned plea to South African President Jacob Zuma for the release of Ethiopia’s most prominent jailed opposition leader Birtukan Mideksa.The Honorable Ana Gomes, who was chief of a 160-strong EU election monitoring delegation to the stolen 2005 elections in Ethiopia, made the plea during a meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, according to an EU press release on September 29, 2010.In Jail since December 2008, the 37-year-old Birtukan was sentenced to life in prison by the Meles Zenawi regime. Amnesty International considers the former judge a prisoner of conscience.”Ana Gomes asked President Zuma and South Africa to show solidarity towards Ms. Mideksa, who the people of Ethiopia consider the ‘Ethiopian Nelson Mandela’. The Portuguese Socialist MEP evoked Nelson Mandela and his inspiring fight for freedom, stating that “he is not just a hero of South Africans, he is a hero for Mankind”, and recalled how world solidarity was important to return Nelson Mandela to freedom. ‘Will South Africa now show solidarity to get the release of this brave, young African woman imprisoned for life in Ethiopia, the country that hosts the headquarters of the African Union?’, directed Ana Gomes to President Zuma,” according to an EU news release.

Ana Gomes appeals to South Africa for the release of Birtukan Mideksa- READ MORE…….

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