Somalia: The Deadly Enigma

July 25, 2010: Fighting in Mogadishu has left over 300 dead and wounded in the last week. Al Shabaab is determined to take control of the entire city, but is stymied by the 6,000 AU (African Union) peacekeepers. Al Shabaab has a temporary advantage in that its leaders are fanatics and use lethal force to deal with internal disputes. Long term, this creates more determined foes within Somalia. This pattern played itself out in Afghanistan during the 1990s, even to the extent that the Taliban, like al Shabaab, used a unit of al Qaeda gunmen to administer the more grisly discipline on disobeying locals. To Somalis, the al Qaeda are just another bunch of troublesome foreigners. The big advantage of al Shabaab is that their leaders are less corrupt, and get more out of the cash they receive from Iran and Islamic “charities,” plus the bribes extorted from aid organizations.

Somalia: The Deadly Enigma

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