No way out: Inside the world’s biggest refugee camp

Eyes. that’s the first thing I make out in the room’s low corners and overwhelming shadows. Eyes, unnaturally wide, and mechanically chewing jaws. They’re all sitting on the floor and they’re all men – perhaps 60 of them. Their talk lulls suddenly as I enter and is soon restricted to paranoid sentences that shoot through the air like arrows. These are miraa chewers: users of the amphetamine-esque plant known more commonly as “khat”. Four of them stand and crowd me, their faces stretched expressionless by the effects of the drug. I can see chewed lips and far more of the sphere of eyeballs than is comfortable. The throng swells. Bodies push closer. They talk in Somali, all at once. I don’t know what they’re saying. Then, to my right, someone translates into struggling English:

No way out: Inside the world’s biggest refugee camp

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