Toronto witnesses largest ever anti-Meles rally

Anti Meles Rally in Toronto, CanadaGreater Toronto Area and surrounding region is home to thousands of Ethiopian Canadians. Early settlement began in great numbers in the early ’80s – when the Derg’s Red Terror campaign and armed rebellions started to displace local populations. The influx of refugees to Sudan from Gondar, Eritrea and Tigray in thousands prompted western governments to implement an unprecedented resettlement programs on a large scale. The Canadian people have since hosted at least fifty thousand immigrants of Ethiopian origin who have chosen this great vast country as their home for starting and raising families.Currently, we see Ethiopians from all walks of life in small towns and big cities and the visibility is getting clearer as more sons and daughters of early or late settlers go through academic and professional excellence, thereby joining the mainstream job market. Noticeably again, Canada will soon witness the emergence of a second generation Ethiopian Canadians destined to make a difference in all respects.

Toronto witnesses largest ever anti-Meles rally

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