Eritrea: the Al Qaeda Connection to Somalia are three parts to this news analysis. The introduction and conclusion are written in light of the new information coming out from Somalia regarding Al Qaeda’s desperate attempt to relocate itself, or a branch of itself, in Somalia, and the dangerous role the Eritrean regime is playing in making this terrorist mission a success.The second part was written a year ago, on March 2009, on the same subject matter: on the triangular connection between the totalitarian regime in Eritrea, the Somali Islamists (namely, Al Shabaab and Hizbul Al Islam) and Al Qaeda. Even though that news analysis was written in hypothetical language, I thought that in light of its ongoing actualization the old article deserves another look; at least, for its attempt to provide the rationale behind this triangular connection.

Eritrea: the Al Qaeda Connection to Somalia -Read more –

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