Isaias Afwerki Appeals for Arab Sympathy

MOGADISHU, (Somali land press) — With his brinkmanship diplomacy facing a dead-end, Eritrea’s strong man, Isaias Afwerki, is approaching members of the League of Arab States (“Arab League”), which is scheduled to hold its summit on March 27th, to come to his rescue and facilitate mediation with Djibouti.This would be a face-saving gesture that would result in his withdrawal from the disputed territories bordering Djibouti, without seeming to do so under the duress of UN. Ironically, the Arab League, which had, at the request of Djibouti, held an emergency meeting in May 2008 regarding the Eritrea-Djibouti conflict, had offered to mediate when the issue first arose. It had offered fact-finding delegation to both nations in June 2008. The delegation was welcomed in Djibouti, but rejected by Isaias Afwerki, who dismissed the conflict as a “fabrication.”

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